Monday, September 22, 2014

24 day challenge begins

I somehow managed to talk Jarrod into trying out the 24 day advocare challenge. Our friends Sara and Wes are distributors for the program, which helped both in the influence and purchase for Jarrod's and my behalf ;p. Much thanks to the Nelson's!

I'm writing this down so we can track the status of our (hopeful) loss and overall energy and feeling

Jarrod weight: 185 (goal is 175)
Maria weight: 122 (goal is 112-115, Pre pregnancy weight)

Day 1:
We were initially confused and weren't sure when to take what when where and how. After Sara's helpful introductory speech, we felt dumb as it's pretty simple. Take energy, followed by a protein, complex carb and fruit or veggie  and vitamins which is then later washed down (in evening) with the cleanse. So far, the spark works amazing and has less caffeine than coffee or tea. I have a couple sips of coffee and go nuts, so yes the spark is working like a charm. Jarrod, the 5 cups of coffee a day man, is also feeling more energized and doesn't need to have his daily fill! So, i'm
Impressed thus far. I hope it keeps going well!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Labor & Delivery

James Anthony Beard!

James was born a healthy little boy at 8:31PM on Monday May 20, 2013. He was 7lbs 13oz and scored an apgar of 9 on the second round. Continue to read if you're interested in the labor story. If not, I'd advise to STOP and NOW, for your own sake ;)

The Friday prior to delivering James, I had an appointment to see my OB, now back from maternity leave. She had a little boy 3 weeks prior and came back to work part time. Seeing as how I'm writing this 6 weeks out, I don't see how she did this! Anyway So, at the appointment, she told us I was dilated to 3.5 cm and if I progressed another .5 cm by Monday, I'd be considered active labor and could get admitted to deliver. Wehew but I wasnt sure if I wanted to be induced because I didn't want to take pitocin (can make contractions stronger and possibly stress out the baby) and I know breastfeeding and baby demeanor is much better when it' s natural. So, in otherwords, wasn't too sure how I felt about this proposition despite wanting to see him and yet get him out ASAP. Why did I want him out, well, hello, being 39 weeks pregnant isnt alll that comfortable. Regardless, I still ok'd stripping my membranes and was prepared for my water to break any minute after that.

The following Saturday and Sunday, Jarrod and I went on some long walks. One was over an hour and others were just fast and furious. I'm sure it looked hysterical to see me waddling around the neighborhood. I think I may have over done it prior to this time as well :/ I really shouldn't be sharing this but I was desperate and mowed the lawn thinking that would get things started. Wow, was that dumb. What if I did go into labor while walking or mowing, um OUCH! I don't advise doing this so close in. Regardless, Jarrod and I had a great and active weekend. If you ask him though, he may not think so because I finally had a pregnant moment and made us order tuna pizza. Yes, that's right, tuna fish on a pizza with mozzarella and no tomato sauce. It was a disguisting as it sounds. My reasoning for this though was that I didn't want heavy or fatty protein in my system during delivery as it's harder to digest and you're more likely to get sick or go to the bathroom while delivering. YUCKo all around!

And finally, Monday morning rolls around. I had a wonderful nights sleep and woke up to find Jarrod cuddling me. I'm stating the obvious but it was a great morning to start the day. It wasn't long before I found what I thought was a trickle of water, aka my water leaking. Something was telling me this was supposed to be the day all along. May 20th was the day that Jame's grandfather, James Robert Brown, was born. Regardless of what I thought, though, I had an appointment to meet the OB and knew I had to make a decision if I wasn't in natural labor. Sure enough, the Lord was good to us and the OB confirmed I had a high water leak which explained the slow leak! We then told her about this being Jame's grandfather's birthday :) It was a happy little moment.

Jarrod and I arrived at the hospital around 10 am and waited for my doctor to come and break the rest of my water. The first 2 hours at the hospital were probably the two most relaxing hours, despite the mild contractions. My OB arrived around 12:45 and found us watching tv, laughed, and asked if I was in pain. It was obvious I wasn't so she warned me that painful contractions would start soon after she broke the rest of my water. Wow, she was right. At 1:30 PM I asked Jarrod for my computer so I could update work about my status. Not more than 5 minutes later, I handed him the computer without saying a word. He knew exactly what was up and immediately turned on Friends, the show I told him I wanted to watch to get my mind off the pain. My goal was to make it to 7cm before getting an epidural and thankfully I got close, 6 1/2 before the nurse anesthetist came. They were sweet to rush him in because after the nurse monitored my contractions, she found they were a minute a part and 60-90 seconds long. Ouch and ouch! Honestly, the pain was constant and much worse than I could have imagined so thank GOD for my epidural. Props to the ladies who do this naturally but thank goodness I didn't because I was about to get really snappy and mean and I didn't want this to be a bad experience for Jarrod or really, every one around me. I already know what I'm like in pain, thanks to track, and I'm not nice.

After about 30 minutes, the anesthesiologist finished with his questions and got to work. This experience wasn't bad other than having to sit Indian style on a bed with pretty painful contractions. The nurses, I might add, made this experience better too by asking me if I wanted to try this natural because I was breathing so well. They were smart for saying this because it made me focus on my breathing even more. Jarrod was a great support too as he was my balance support during the time that I was standing. (I had my nurse set me up to be mobile so I could walk around during the time I was still trying to dilate to 7cm. 

Once my epidural was in, it wasn't more than 15 minutes before I couldn't feel the pain from the contractions. I was soooo relaxed and man was that nice in comparison to the hour before. From about 3 to 7:00, life was good. I felt absolutely great. I took a nap, watched a little friends and visited with visitors that came by. 

At 7:00, he was effacing so my nurse called in my OB. The pushing was a little awkward as they had me sit not fully  back or upright. They said it helps with pushing so although feeling awkwardly positioned, I went ahead and started to push on their command. I must have not been completely numbed because I could feel a little contraction pain at this point and lifted my legs for the stirrups. The OB was a little shocked at that too. Within the first hour of pushing, my O2 stats went below 90 so they had to put me on oxygen. The baby was doing fine, thank goodness, so no emergencies ensued. Also During this time, my OB tried to play tug o war to help pushing progress. Games during labor, why not? After the first hour, we were all getting impatient as Jame's head kept digressing back in thanks to my contractions now being 4 minutes a part. Once a contraction came, however, they had me push for 10 seconds, with 6-7 sessions being the average. The duration of my contractions was long enough for this to happen and fortunately I had long enough to recover before the next push. At one point, the OB brought over the mirror and Asked if I wanted use. I considered it but then saw the reflection and just about gagged. They saw my reaction and turned the mirror around, thankfully. After another 5 minutes of not getting anywhere, they suggested the mirror again and once I got past the reflection, it helped a ton. I was able to lead and self directed my pushing. I got much further and finally got his head past my pubic bone! At one point, i spotted a cross in the ceiling lights which I thought was cool since I told Jarrod I wanted a sign to know God was in the room with us when James is born. I also wanted to pray snd thank God once he was born but as terrible as this sounds, I was in so much shock that it slipped my mind :( The rest is a blur as he pretty much shot out soon after he finally got past the public bone and turned. When Jarrod saw him, he exclaimed "Oh my God". He claims he was shocked at how big James was because Jarrod was expecting him to be the size of a hand! Not quite my dear so now he still tries to figure out how James fit in my belly, haha. Anyway, James didnt start crying right away so because I couldn't see what was going on, that was my only scare during the entire process. Once he started to cry, my heart melted as it was the first little sound he made. Ironically, it was music to my ears and still is to this day. Obviously, I don't like when babies cry but its not annoying to hear. It is sweet and a reminder of the impressionable little guy and miracle he is. 

The next hour was so special. It took the doc a while to prep me back to 'normal' so I didnt get to hold him right sway. Once I did get to hold him, everything about him made sense. It was almost like I knew him but now the picture of him was complete and matched what I thought all a long. One surprise, however, was the fact James opened his eyes once our visitors came in. He was so alert and calm for having just been born. 

The entire labor process was so much more relaxed than I could have ever imagined. I'm so thankful God let me have a great first delivery!

Pregnancy Updates: Weeks 28-39.6

Baby Size:

At 35 weeks the doctor told us he was already 6 pounds! Seeing as how I was 5 pounds at birth, I think this baby will be huge and somewhere close to 8 pounds or more upon birth.


At 33 weeks, I started to feel more than just braxton hicks contractions so during my 33 week visit, my OB checked to see if I was starting to dilate. Sure enough, I dilated 1.5 cm and effaced 50%. Because I wasn't term, this was considered 'pre term' labor. I wasn't ordered to bedrest but my OB did put me on medication, procardia, and asked me to take it easy, IE no walking as much as possible. I really feel for those women that have to be on bedrest because let me tell you something, IT'S HARD to SIT for let alone 1 day all day. Well, at least for me as I can't sit through a movie to save my life. At 36 weeks, the doc ordered me to go off the drug (sometimes being on procardia too long can make you go past 40 weeks). I further dilated to 2 cm and effaced 75%. So, yes, I dilated while on the drug. 37 weeks came along and I progressed to 3cm. After 37 weeks, despite the doctor saying it could be any day now and tons and tons of contractions I stayed at 3cm until 39 weeks and 3 days.


At this point, it's all about maternity clothes and gym shorts. I can't even go near my pre pregnancy clothes. In fact, I hid them in James closet so I don't have to waste time sorting through them before work. As a side note, after my post pregnant self is healed, I will continue to wear these maternity jeans. Spandex waste line all the way thank you Lawdy! They are so friggin comfortable.

Favorite moments:

When Jarrod kisses my belly or baby goodnight. In the morning, he will put his hand on my belly too :)

Hospital Runs:

So, the question is, when did we NOT go to the hospital. I know it's a running joke amongst nurses as to how many times a first time mom will go to the hospital thinking she's in a labor and I can see why! At week 37, day 3, I was having mild (ie i could still stand and not so much out of breath but they weren't comftorable) contractions every 3-5 minutes. Every book and doctor and nurse etc will tell a pregnant lady to go to the hopsital once contractions are every 5 minutes or less. So on Friday, mind you I got permission to work from home, I stood at my kitchen stove and attempted to make myself pancakes while I waited out these contractions for about 20-30 minutes. I eventually called my doctor and was told to go to the hospital because my doctor (out on maternity leave) and the other practicing OB were out of the office. So, off I went to the hospital, still smiling mind you, arrived and was seen immediately. The nurse confirmed I was having contractions every 3 minutes but they weren't strong enough to make me dilate. They kept me there for an hour to monitor, as it's procedure to do so, and then said "ok well, come back when they feel like pings of pain get longer". Ok, pings of pain get longer, I thought, I think I know what that could feel like.
The following Sunday, I was laying out on a blanket basking in the glorious sun rays, and all of  a sudden, I started to get contractions, again. So, again, I waited it out until at last, these 'pings of pain' got longer and I was having breath through them. The pain wasn't persistent until the evening and then there was a good hour of this pain being very very uncomftorable. It felt like a knife was jabbing my insides, yes sorry for graphic descriptions. Jarrod and I made a run to the hospital, only to find out James was bamming his head against my cervix and my contractions weren't strong enough to make me dilate. At this point, because you get all excited thinking this is IT, FINALLY, I was extremely bummed out and decided that I didn't want to be the idoit to come here again until it was actually time. I'll save the actual story for another blog

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Social events during 3rd trimester

Recent Events!

Baby Shower in Houston:
I'm so spoiled! The shower thrown by my mom and sister, with the help of her close friends, my mother in law and my grandma, was absolutely wonderful. My mom has a nack for making things extremely detail oriented, and well, perfect. She worked so diligently on hand made candies to use as toppers in the cupcakes, bottled shaped cookies, breakfast muffins made from scratch, a beautiful blue wreath  for Jarrod and I to hang on our front doorand many other items I'm forgetting to mention I'm sure. The guests, also, couldn't have been more fun to be around. Each came with great advise or a funny story and, wow, they all went out of their way to spoil James too! All in all, it was a great day and will be cherished forever.

Baby Shower in Dallas:
We had another great shower thrown here in D Town!! My friends Sarah, Sara and Emily all put a lot of effort into the cute little cowboy themed shower! The food was delish, thank you Nothing Bundt Cakes, Tiff's Cookies and delicious home made taco bar by the 3 talented chefs, Sarah, Sara and Emily!! They also prepared some fun games they put a lot of effort into. Apprently statistics show that Dad's are better diaper changers, insert HUGE Maria grin. Also, thanks to taste test baby food game, banana flavor isn't half bad ;) We had so much support shown from them and the wonderful friends that all traveled near and far to come! Can't wait to celebrate the arrival of their babies, some day (<cough>, near future?) too!

Miranda & Caleb got Mawwied!
We were blessed to have witnessed the union between Miranda and Caleb. These two will definitely be together FOR LIFE, no doubt. The ceremony and reception were held outside on this beautiful ranch property that overlooked a little pond. Caleb's dad was the pastor which made for an extra special message too. Jarrod and I had a great time celebrating these two along with their many great friends! So glad we could be there to witness a fun and memorable event!

The Parentals Multiple Visits!
Our parents have been so great in helping us prepare for the arrival of our little guy. My mom spent an entire 3 days helping us organize Jame's closet, shop for necessary items, clean his clothes, organize and prepare a baby proof house, build the toys and tools we received from showers AND take me maternity clothes shopping! What a RELIEF it was to FINALLY have clothes that were 1. comfortable and 2. didn't make me look like, well, ugly. I had this idea that I could wear clothes that were a-line or loose that weren't necessarily maternity so I could continue to save save save. I was so wrong about that assumption and now I love Motherhood Maternity, Sweet Peas, Gap Maternity and Ann Taylor Loft Maternity. There's nothing worse than feeling bad about how you look during pregnancy. I've decided that feeling good with less money over rides more money but feeling crappy about our appearance, haha. This should explain my frequent visits to the nail salon too, heh ;)p

The next month, both my parents came up to help us install room spanning shelves. Jarrod and I attempted to install our own but failed at making them look 'aesthetically' pleasing. It's hard when you're trying to install so they don't fall down on your child. Fortunately, we were advised to use real wood (vs the heavier compressed and pre painted wood) so we could use brackets that, although they may not support as much, are 'more visually appealing'. It took us an entire Saturday but it was well worth the time and effort as the room looks great now, if I must say so myself :)

Shelley and Brian have also been such a great help and support. They've given us so many useful baby prep ideas and gifts! They've also offered to come help take care of James during the interim of me going back to work and not yet having a daycare for my baby until August 1st. They're always the best hostesses whenever we visit too. This past Easter, they had a basket of clothes set out for us, the best homemade meals EVER (thanks to Brian's meat from hunting), and Shelley always has cookies and candy laying around for us to eat. Did I mention, also, that their place is gorgeous and I always feel like Jarrod and I are vacationing when we are there. Maybe I shouldn't make that public information ;) Again, we are ridiculously spoiled.

Friend Outings!
I don't care if I'm judged for saying this, but the Circus was AWESOME. Jarrod had a client give him discount tickets to the circus at the Dr Pepper arena so we thought, meh, why not. It was fun, to say the least, and I didn't realize how cool elephants and tigers really are. Thanks to DQ and his lovely wife Hannah for joining us on that little adventure too :)

I'm so glad I've been able to see Jenny more this year as she's had to work in Dallas for a client! Who else better to spend time eating Mexican food and shopping and have a blast doing so? Our second visit consisted of wine 'tasting' and cheese plate followed by a message at Message Envy. I've decided to add Message Envy to my top fav companies of all time, humanah humanah, it felt so good.

Ms. Sarah and her highschool sweetheart are tying the knot, whoO! I thoroughly enjoyed bridesmaid shopping and lunch at Cheesecake factory (aka a bite of salad followed by an entire cheesecake). Her group of gals is fun so I can already tell the showers and bachelorette party will be a blast! And yes, we said yes to a dress so it was a rather successful day :)

I know there's tons more I'm missing here so I'll update once I can remember!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recent outings & Pregnancy Updates: weeks 23-27

Recent Events:

My Birthday! 27!

Jarrod and I went down to Houston to celebrate mine and my mom's birthdays :) Dinner was made for us, presents were literally over done, which was awesome, and the company was great! Perfect little intimate dinner with the fam!

Allen/Mansfield Wedding!

Jarrod and I traveled to Taylor, TX for an intimate country wedding to witness Taylor & John exchange vows. It was a fun wedding as they had awesome snack stations like smores and popcorn and the couple's love dynamic carried through the happy day. You can tell these two will be together forever! Aside from going to weddings, which I love, it was great catching up with people! We really enjoyed our convos with Eric & Renee and loved our stay with the great hosts, Shannon & Dustin.

Mardi Gras in Shreveport!

Lauren, Sam's girlfriend, has family in Shreveport and asked if we wanted to come out to her parents' house (which so happens to be on a lake :)) for the Shreveport Mardi Gras parade. Of course we said YES, went and had a blast! Who knew Mardi Gras celebrations were so big and so much fun! We tailgated for the parade the entire day, which came through at 5:00 PM. The next day, Sunday, we also got to enjoy some delish crawfish, 30 lbs in fact, amongst 8 people but chyah, it was fun!

Set up Nursery, thanks to Shelley & Rhonda!

Shelley & Rhonda (mom in law and aunt) came to help Jarrod and I set up Jame's nursery. These ladies are great and should hire out their services because painted an entire room, put up the crib and hung curtains in a matter of 1 day! Yup, 1 day! That's efficiency at its finest! I can't wait to add James to the room now! We also enjoyed a loverly dinner at the Shoppes of Legacy and a 2 mile walk through the park Sunday, later followed by Mexican food. Hey, we deserved it!


For Christmas, Lauren and I bought Sam, Jarrod and us girrrls a 3 day trip to Mount Magainze Resort in Arkansas. We vacayed in what we consider 100% opposite of the wall less, sheet less, possibly bug infested cabin we stayed in a year ago near Canyon Lake. Although that haunted cabin was fun thanks to stories that ensued, this place was NICE and luxurious. Our view was none other than perfect and oh, we had our own private hot tub outside too. SCORE. One of our adventures consisted of a 3 hour ATV tour, which was fun up until Jarrod soaked himself, me and the babay after speeding through the top of a semi shallow waterfall. That would have been awesome had we dressed warm enough for the 30 degree weather + windchill + ATV 'speed' chill + water. OUCH JARROD haha! The next day, we hiked around mount magazine and hills, roughly 5.8 miles! Also included in our weekend adventure were numerous games (killer bunny & life), alcohol runs, smores, and a Saturday night dance called "Sax and Sweets". That name couldnt' have better defined the night. We had fun making fun of the one saxaphone that played and how quiet and subdued the room was when he stopped. Maybe everyone was too busy enjoying the delish desserts they provided. They really were very good so me and baby were happy :)

Austin Shower!

Literally every event that Shelley has thrown or had friends throw has been beyond amazing. The ladies that threw this shower made everything look so cute! The spread included everything from sandwiches to cupcakes and alcohol for those luckies that can enjoy. They laid out different boy bibs around the room and everything was a sweet pale blue! I'm so thankful for those hosts and everyone that came! I can't wait for James to wear and/or use the items we got!

I'll add more pictures once I get more, but here's a peak at the great event! Thank you to the photographer Cathy :)


New ache: I started to feel very tight, let's just say... below my belly button and yet I'm not referencing the down there zone. It was pretty painful to walk after I 'over did it' on the elliptical and walking up stairs (9 flights, oops :/) I'm glad it was that I over extended myself and wasn't having premature labor symptoms, as it happened to my mom for all 3 of us. Her's started at 27 weeks with me and earlier for Kathryn and Joe. That had to be so scary, so props to her for making it to the finish line for all 3 of us! Also, Yup, my body is definitely different and is adapting to caring for a baby now. I have to be honest with myself as to what I should be doing physically. Note to self and for those new momas out there...!

Sleep:it used to be awesome but between leg spasms, 3 am potty sessions and a wondering mind, I don't get much any more. Poor Jarrod, too, as I know he doesn't get much sleep either. I must give him an A for effort in trying to set it up so I don't wake myself up when I NEED LIGHT ( I hate the dark) for my 3 am bathroom run. He installed a dim light that turns on when I walk into the bathroom. He's too cute but soon we discovered that this thing wakes us both up because it shines directly on Jarrod when he's asleep. haha oh dear. Again, A for effort!

Food Cravings: Not much other than the constant need for dairy and sugar. Also, I find it hilarious that he's essentially turned into my diet coach and wont let me eat sugar during dinner, to avoid me staying awake but of course. It's hard even with him banning it from me.

Baby Movements: James moves...ALL THE TIME. I don't need to elaborate other than to tell you his nick name will be BAM BAM. Even during my prenatal yoga class he's kicking away. Aren't we both supposed to be relaxed?! ;p Love this little guy already and I think he might be the active one!

Baby Size: I am currently 28 weeks and he's supposedly 2.5 lbs already! Also, the doc said he had long legs and torso for his body so I'm excited to see if he'll be tall or not! I hope he didn't get stuck with my shorty pant jeans, but even if he did, it's cool because he'll probably be fast!

                                                                    James at 25 weeks!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Weeks 16-22

Recent Happenings:

My sister got married!!
The day couldn't have gone anymore perfect. Kathryn looked beautiful, the music turned out to be beautiful (we had some MAJOR issues with musician schedules, music arrangements, sound system usage and scheduling etc), scheduling was great, I didn't cry during my speech, just during the ceremony ha, the reception decor literally looked like a touch of heaven and everyone was supportive and focused on happiness involved for that day. I mention that last thought because it was very hard to not also want to cry for Casey, missing Leanne and the fact that she, Garland and Cameron weren't with us to witness Casey and Kathryn's marriage ceremony (Casey's parents and older brother). I know without a doubt that they were there though and in much better form and spirits. That thought has to be what keeps my sister, Casey and Caitlin so strong. I admire all three of them for their strong faith and will try to mimick that strength to keep myself from mourning sweet Leanne. I mean come on, if they can have strength to survive the death of a brother, then dad and now mother, who am I to be weak? No time or room for that!

Mama Mia: gone to heaven!
The week before the wedding, Mama Mia, my great grandmother, took her last breath. She was 98 years old and lived a life to the fullest, literally! The woman was gambling until her last year and didn't retire the heals until 96 or 97. She also loved the little things, aka why she was always adorned with jewelry. I attribute my love for jewelry and accessories to her influence, definitely :) She always had a story and I'm so proud of the Italian heritage she passed down. Because her death followed closely to Leanne's, it was easier for me to remember the strength required in losing Leanne so I'm doing my best to apply that strength to the loss of Mama Mia as well. The focus is I'm more than thankful that I knew her for 26 years and got to share my wedding day and baby news with her!

New job!
I started a new job at Xerox and really like it! It allows for flexible hours, ie start and finish work time, remote access so we can work from home and most importantly, It focuses on what I believe are my strengths. Despite that, right now I'm
just trying to stay on pace and prove myself to people who have had more experience than me. I hope I can be fluid with modeling P&L and cash flows before I leave to have the baby! :/ sounds super dorky eh? :[]

Symptoms: same old, heartburn and some days I can't eat. On those bad days, my belly feels so full and it's the most uncomfortable feeling ever! Nothing but time helps alleviate that terrible and full feeling. Imagine that, being pregnant isn't comfortable. Despite me not being able to eat thanks to little room or whatever, I think about food all.the.time. I actually get in a bad mood now when I can't eat because it's literally like the highlight of the century when I can. I'm so waiting for that day when I can enjoy food during and after I eat it. I've found that sugarless gum helps a little when Im at work and carbonated water helps after dinner. Ew, gross, I know!

Baby's movements: he moves allllll the time! It's adorable, actually. I started feeling him early on and as the weeks have progressed, it has become much more noticeable. He actually scares me sometimes because I'll be sitting there and all of a sudden, theres a roll, kick and punch coming from inside my tum. It makes the stomach aches and lack of ability to exercise worth it! He's too cute when he moves :)

Baby's weight: at exactly 22 weeks, he was 1 pound! He also supposedly has long legs! Maybe he'll be tall!!

Maternity clothes. Started wearing them
At week 20. I could still fit in my jeans buttoned at 22 weeks but it wasn't comfortable. I like the belly band or a rubber band idea. Also, props to Ann Taylor for making my very cute and non maternity looking shirts and work pants! soooooo comfortable, 'sigh' from relief. I also love all the new shirts and bottoms
I got from my auntie!!!! I have the best aunties in the world :))

Workouts: I can run but I'm scared to now that Im around the time my mom was when she went into premature labor. I like the elliptical, bike and weights mostly now. Workout 3 or 4 times a week. Meh, it's ok and something at least.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Preggo updates - weeks 11-16

Symptoms: Since week 11, I've started to feel a lot more tired with an increase in heartburn and off and on mild to severe nausea. I used to be such a night owl but now it's hard for me to stay awake as Ive been crashing on the couch come 9:00 PM. During week 15, I'm not sure if I came down with stomach bug or pregnancy was just at a raging high but I felt ill for 2 days. I was proud that even feeling terrible, I still went to work that Monday only to find out that two people were gone sick that day :[] Pat on the back self.

Weight gain: since my 8 lb loss, yes 8 and not 6, weight loss, i've gained back 2. So, that's good. My BMI is normal and I'm right on target.

Best Moments: I have so many. In sum, Jarrod has been absolutely wonderful throughout this entire pregnancy. He's started to pick up slack by doing more laundry, cooking meals and tucking me in bed after I crash on the couch. He's also been so comforting emotionally and will go to the store to buy more gingerale, groceries for the week or whatever I need. The guy has been a saint and has even remained excited for the arrival of little James during me being tired, grouchy, sick or whatever poopiness I've been. Even further, he'll do big and little things to indicate his excitement like spend an entire weekend clearing out the baby's closet or buy Jame's his first bottles, which happen to be aggie bottles hehe. He even picked out Jame's first baby camo outfit! Another great memory was when Jarrod pulled out the sonogram to show my parents right as they picked us up from the airport one weekend. I didn't even know he made a copy of it. HAHA! I just love his enthusiasm and it's so sweet that he already loves this baby so so much! 

sex: IT'S A BOY!!
We were fortunate to find out the baby's sex quite early. I always had a feeling it was a boy but what great news to hear as it's 99.99% definitely a boy. The doctor laughed and said, 'Yah, he's not hiding anything. In fact, I'm 100% confident it's not a girl'. haha! I Think Jarrod enjoyed hearing that statement ;)

Physical changes: I am so glad I posted something on facebook the other day in questioning when pregnant women show and what to do about this dress fitting I have in 2 weeks for my sister's wedding. I'm not showing but my stomach will stick out a little after I've eaten. So, after a half meal or even a couple bights, I pretty much just look like I had an entire turkey for lunch and then some. What's really changed though are my ribs. I didn't realize until a couple days ago that my ribs are wider after someone pointed this out in my facebook post. The wider ribs explains my bras and dresses lately. I just though it was my chest, which yes too has increased in size.

Workouts: I was given the ok to start running again but it's a little limiting that I can only get my heart rate up to 140. In bike classes, warm up, which consists of an easy pace with no resistance, should be around 150 so even running now isn't what running used to be. I miss getting my heart rate up and feeling like I got a great work out in. I'm a weird adrenaline junky mkay and you don't have to understand this facet about me. No one usually does, except addicted runners of course ;)

Looking forward to: I can't wait for my sister's wedding, Christmas and New Year's! I feel like this year, I've really started to appreciate the beauty in celebrating this special occasion and holidays! Why you ask, well in sum, it's because Jesus rocks and I have so much to be thankful for! I've been so excited for the wedding that I decided to make jewelry for the bridesmaids and bracelets for female relatives of bride and groom. Beads are now everywhere ha but no worries, picking those up is my next project! I'm also taking piano lessons in hopes to play better, ie more relaxed and with better technique, for Kats wedding and any upcoming competitions I hear of. :[]
I also can't wait to get further along in the pregnancy so Jarrod can feel Jame's little kicks and flutters. I have started to feel the little butterflies or Jame's little movements :) It's kind of creepy/beautiful to know there's a life in there, or like I like to call James', my little fish. He's constantly swimming around when we first see him on the ultrasound. Pretty sure he's having a hay day in there!!