Monday, September 22, 2014

24 day challenge begins

I somehow managed to talk Jarrod into trying out the 24 day advocare challenge. Our friends Sara and Wes are distributors for the program, which helped both in the influence and purchase for Jarrod's and my behalf ;p. Much thanks to the Nelson's!

I'm writing this down so we can track the status of our (hopeful) loss and overall energy and feeling

Jarrod weight: 185 (goal is 175)
Maria weight: 122 (goal is 112-115, Pre pregnancy weight)

Day 1:
We were initially confused and weren't sure when to take what when where and how. After Sara's helpful introductory speech, we felt dumb as it's pretty simple. Take energy, followed by a protein, complex carb and fruit or veggie  and vitamins which is then later washed down (in evening) with the cleanse. So far, the spark works amazing and has less caffeine than coffee or tea. I have a couple sips of coffee and go nuts, so yes the spark is working like a charm. Jarrod, the 5 cups of coffee a day man, is also feeling more energized and doesn't need to have his daily fill! So, i'm
Impressed thus far. I hope it keeps going well!

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